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  •  Amber
  •  Blue
  •  Green
  •  Red
  •  White

Key Features

The US91-15 Braille Pushbutton meets all the requirements of the visually impaired. As well as the 15mm high tactile legend, Standard English Braille dots are embossed onto the pushbutton. The illuminated tactile legend provides clear identification and the button can be illuminated in a wide variety of colours.

  • 15mm tactile legend with Braille
  • A halo of light between the pressel and surround via a patented hidden recess encircles the pressel and illuminates the legend
  • Legend & halo can be constantly illuminated at half intensity, switching to full intensity for indication of position or call acceptance
  • Large range of pressel legends
  • Matching range includes keyswitches, rocker switches and indicators
  • Vandal resistant with stainless steel front
  • Meets EN81-1/2, EN81-71 (Category 2), EN81-72, EN81-73, EN60529 (IP54), AS1735 Part12 with H/C surround & dual illumination


Product Body Type

  • Compact 2
  • Compact 2 micro
  • Compact 3
  • Compact 3P

Product Colour

  • Amber Amber
  • Blue Blue
  • Green Green
  • Red Red
  • White White

Product Finish

  • Brushed Brass Finish Brushed Brass
  • Brushed Stainless Steel Finish Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Mirror Finish Mirror Brass
  • Mirror Stainless Steel Finish Mirror Stainless Steel

Product Illumination

  • Bicolour
  • Bicolour +
  • Dual
  • Single

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